Time time time…

Lately it feels like I’ve been boxing up all the hours of my days. When I’m walking to class I’m thinking, okay I’ll have an hour of morning class, then I’ll run back to res and take a shower, that should take ten minutes max, then I’ll make breakfast and eat it , that should take 20 minutes max, then I’ll start working on an assignment and I’ll probably be able to do 2-3 questions in the remaining 30 minutes before my next class, then I’ll have another two hours of class, then run back, review questions for the lab quiz which should only take 10 minutes, pick up my lab things, eat a quick snack taking up another 10 minutes, run to my four hour lab, then if I end early, I can go to Yoga for an hour and a half and then run back and have at least two hours to study for my midterm and crash at twelve if I’m lucky so that I get at least six hours of sleep.

I just re-read what I wrote, and sadly, that isn’t even the half of it. I didn’t even write about how I calculate the amount of time it takes to brush my teeth and get into my PJs, and how long it takes for me to “drift” off into sleep ( half an hour if I’m exhausted and hour if I’m still subconsciously doing calculations in my head ). I think I’ve got some serious issues about time! But I don’t do it consciously. It just happens in my head. This term has been particularly bad. It always feels like I’m calculating down to the last seconds I have to spare. Then, when things don’t go as planned, I freak out, thinking that I now can’t possibly have enough time to finish things and I really like to finish things properly.  The irony is that after my lab, I rush to yoga, and I’m a discheveled mess, and sometimes I can’t even relax at Yoga.

I feel like shouting I want my life back, but then again, I signed up for this life so why should I complain, right? Well, I guess I’ve used up the ten minutes I assigned to blogging :P. Better sign out.


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