About Sharry

“Eleanor of Aquitaine” by Kinuko Y. Craft

My name’s Sharry! Come and snoop around my site. The snoopier you are, the better! I read and review mostly fantasy and science-fiction novels, tv shows, movies and surreal art/artists and I like to post occasionally about my pursuits in creative writing. If you like the same stuff, come and be my friend! The internet can be so lonely without chatter 🙂 If you want to throw a story pitch or two my way for a new book of yours you would like reviewed, email me at this_is_shar[at]live[dot]com and I’ll see if it’s something I’d like to read.

FOR INTEREST’S SAKE get a kick out of reading my profile from six years ago (Nov, 2008): My internet name is Sharry, I have no idea why I chose that name. I actually sort of like it as a name now that I think about it. I used to be a voracious reader but times have been hectic for me lately, and I’m only now trying to ease back into the reading world.  I also write. A lot. But, so far have not really finished anything.

Hmm….*Takes a deep Breath*….I like….sunflowers, skittles, black cats, apples, mystery, autumn, calm lakes, canoeing, hiking, a big open sky at night and early in the morning, Orion’s Belt, a foggy day, fresh air, the sahara desert, jungles, the steppes (landscapes in general, I guess), and (oh!) camels, pyramids, singing my favorite tunes in the car, watching foreign films and TV series, sushi, pasta, Malaysian and Singaporean food, Vietnamese food… food in general, which reminds me, I like volleyball, yoga, kickball (just so’s you know I do exercise it all off), love myths, folklore, fantasy, magic, fairy tale, anything ancient, archeology, period novels, cleanliness, window seats, quiet libraries, moors, Guilin, the unique, the creative…….

I’m a….gemini (hence my occasional air-headedness), university student, ‘chemist’ (and also now biochemist), English lit-er who can still browse in the pre-teen section of libraries and fit right in (and not because I’m short, I’ve always been a tall-y).

Reason why I set up a blog: I was just bored one day after doing weekfulls of exams, and thought I’d settle down to read a good book. But the book just irritated me all the more, so I went online to seek some appeasement, and I stumbled across this wordpress site.  I hope this blog thing works out for me. I always find it so hard to commit to things like this that I sign up for.

Some of my favorite Authors: Juliet Marillier, L.M. Montgomery, Garth Nix, Diana Wynne Jones, Charlotte Bronte, Brian Jacques, Amy Tan, Patricia A. McKillip, J.K. Rowling, Robin McKinley, Linda Holeman, Tanith Lee, Philip Pullman, Shannon Hale,  Sherwood Smith, NEIL GAIMAN(!!), and anything to do with fantasy, folklore, myth, fairytale re-tellings and science-fiction.

I’m looking for a bookluver’s community because all my friends are more, how shall I say it, science-y, and none of them read as much as I do, so if I absolutely loved a book or disliked a book, I have no one to talk to about it. The others (non-reader friends) would never understand why I spend so much time with books and smile proudly when they call me a bookworm. So I appeal to you – please help keep me relatively  sane!

I also scribble in secret and if anyone asks I’m finishing up a “lab report” that is so long it takes me until past midnight to do :P. I can’t imagine a more satisfying life than that of a fantasy writer, creating worlds and characters and adventures.


 Doesn’t it relax you just to see it? That’s Guilin. I want to go there 😮

Phew. Wow, I’ve never written so much in an “About Me” page before. I’m still on the roll too…


  1. Hi Sharry!
    Cool blog! I also am a voracious reader, and about half of my friends don’t read nearly as much as I do. I say something about a book that I just read and they have no clue what I’m talking about. I also love fantasy, it is so easy to get pulled into a book.

  2. Great selection of art and books. Even if you are a Gemini keep at it you are good. By the way I’m a gemini too.
    Thanks for visit.

  3. Sharry,

    I was googling for reviews (I send them on to my editor sometimes,) and came across yours. Thank you for the kind words about my work. I love the tunnel pic!! You are right–writing is a great life–if you love writing! It takes a long time to acquire the skill, and to get published, but it is worth it. If you intend to write for kids or Young Adults check out SCBWI.org. It’s a writer’s organization with regional meetings and national events, they help set up critique groups–just a wonderful resource for learning, and later, networking. They have speakers all the time, editors, agents, other writers…

    Sacred Scars will be out in August. It is 200 pages longer than Skin Hunger–and I expect the next one will be long, too. I am working on it now.

    I am doing an experimental Twitter novel, adding to it all the time, here: http://russet-one-wing.blogspot.com/ Sort of a strange format, I don’t know if you would like it, but the story has kind of amazed me.

    Thanks again!! and take care,

  4. Hi Kathleen! Thank you for dropping by! Thank goodness the next one is coming out soon, and in the summer too! That way I’ll have time to read it haha

  5. “I’m looking for a bookluver’s community because all my friends are more, how shall I say it, science-y, and none of them read as much as I do, so if I absolutely loved a book or disliked a book, I have no one to talk to about it. The others (non-reader friends) would never understand why I spend so much time with books and smile proudly when they call me a bookworm. So I appeal to you – please help keep me relatively sane!”

    haha, yes, that’s me too. So far the book blogging community has definitely helped keep me sane! Um, they also worsened my book addiction, but that’s another story 😛

    We have very similar taste!

  6. Nymeth – Ever since I started reading other people’s awesome book reviews, I’ve wanted to read the same book and blog about it too. But, alas, there’s just so many books out there!

  7. Hi Sharry –

    Thanks for your comment on our blog over at Normal Public Library Teens! I really enjoyed Siberia, too, but I haven’t read any of Halam’s other books. I’ve enjoyed looking through some of your reviews – we’ve read a lot of the same stuff!

    – Kristi

  8. Hi Sharry,

    I’m the co-writer (with my sister, Dina) of Another Faust (trailer, info, etc: http://www.anotherfaust.com/). I just wanted see if you might be interested a little idea we’ve been thinking about.

    We’re about to kick off a month-long tour for the book, and we want to do it by announcing a contest called, *Another* Another Faust. Since our series is all about having a conversation with the classics, and finding ways to make them your own, the contest will be to find the best reimagining of the Faustian Bargain. We want to showcase all the great writers out there. That was the whole point to begin with. Sometimes, the classics are presented to young adults as though they’re vegetables (“just shut up and read them, they’re good for you”). But we want them to be as entertaining as they were supposed to be when they were written.

    So, the contestants will write their own short story, imagining that classic “deal-with-the-devil” story however they like, and the winner gets all kinds of awesome:

    A signed copy of Another Faust
    A handwritten deleted scene
    A featured article & interview on our site
    An author’s galley of the sequel Another Pan
    (And hey, I’m an editor in the publishing industry, so impress me, you never know what can happen 🙂

    If you’re into the idea, here’s how it could work: We can write a guest post for your blog, announcing the contest, with all the dates and details. It will be open to all. And the judging WON’T happen by popular vote (so basically, we don’t care which contestant has the most friends). Dina and I will personally read them.

    So, if you like, please check out our site and then let me know if you’d like to join us in the announcing this. And hey, suggestions are totally welcome.


  9. Hey there!

    I’ve been looking over your blog (Great reviews btw), and was wondering if you could add me to your blog roll/links page? I’m new to blogs and such.. but have recently created my own, which consists mostly of book reviews (of the fantasy genre). I would most certainly appreciate it, and will do the same.

    If you’re interested..my blog address is: http://tyrionfrost.wordpress.com/

    Thanks :).

  10. Is there a way to follow you? I do so love your site and can’t seem to find a way unless I am totally missing the obvious which I often do…

  11. Patty – Haha, I don’t have twitter so if you mean “follow” like, check my site regularly or subscribe I think you’ve done it! Thanks for dropping by!

  12. I just discovered the awesomeness that is Kinuko Y. Craft ( hence your picture…) and I’m a Gemini as well! I just recently started my blog, and I’m glad to find yours. I haven’t found a lot of book blogs on WordPress, mostly on Blogger. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  13. Hey,
    I love your blog! I visit it all the time. I think it’s kinda cool that every time I visit it, I it’s updated. I really like your template design because it looks professional but also fun. You may have heard of a little book blog called GreenLillipads. If you haven’t then your missing out! At GreenLillipads there’s a whole bunch of stuff. Like book, and music reviews. T.V. reviews and movie reviews. But I mostly just focus on things books related. I’m just starting out so my blog isn’t very popular. So I would be so grateful if you visited my site, followed me, and maybe even tell your friends about me. 🙂 Anyway here’s the link.


    Destiny, GreenLillipads

  14. BookRain – I love her work! She paints stories with such a detailed touch! You should also check out Josephine Wall, Michael Parkes and Vladimir Kush (the latter two are more surreal painters, but I love them also!)

  15. Hi Sharry,

    I want to give you a heads up! 🙂 Hi Sharry,

    First, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic site! I am utterly ashamed today is the first day I have seen Always Dreaming! I’m definitely
    going to get Delirium after your review!

    Now down to fun business, I am putting together a blog tour for the upcoming novel from Tor/Forge Books: The Hum and the Shiver (October 2011), the first in a new series from Alex Bledsoe, author of the Eddie LaCrosse books—The Sword-Edged Blonde (Tor, 2009), Burn Me Deadly (Tor, 2009), and Dark Jenny (Tor, 2011). Let me know if you’d like me to reserve you a space in the tour. Here’s more info below.
    Thank you,


    Alex Bledsoe’s new book, The Hum and the Shiver, is the first installment in his new series that expertly blends fantasy and the local folklore of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.

    We invite you to take part in a blog tour for The Hum and the Shiver from September 26th- 30th. Participating bloggers can receive an advance copy of the book for review on their site (electronic or hard copy). In addition, they will have e-interview access to Alex and may request up to 3 giveaway copies. In return, Alex, Tor and PR by the Book will promote the blog tour (with links to reviews) and via our Facebook and Twitter networks.

    To reserve your tour date (September 26th- 30th), simply respond to this email with your preference. Don’t forget to let us know:
    If you can accept an electronic copy or need a hard copy. If hard copy, provide us a mailing address so we can ship your book. Hard copies won’t be available until late August.
    Which date you’ll be posting.
    In what format you’d like to participate: review, Q&A, excerpt, giveaway, etc.


    The Hum and The Shiver is set in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, where the author himself was raised. The Hum and the Shiver spins a fascinating tale, combining mythology with American folklore in the dark valleys and hollows of the Smoky Mountains—where songs live…and kill.

    When the first Europeans came to the Smoky Mountains, the Tufa were already there, quietly living in the hills and valleys of Cloud County, their origins lost to history. But there are clues hidden in the songs they have passed down for generations. The Hum and The Shiver tells the tale of Private Bronwyn Hyatt, a true Tufa and soldier returning home from war. The book follows her struggles to join in the song of her people and let it lift her onto the night winds and soar beyond her haunted homeland.

    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hum-Shiver-Alex-Bledsoe/dp/0765327449/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312990559&sr=8-1

    ALEX BLEDSOE grew up in Tennessee, and draws much of his inspiration from his homeland. He’s been a reporter, editor, photographer, and door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. He is also the author of the Eddie LaCrosse books—The Sword-Edged Blonde (Tor, 2009), Burn Me Deadly (Tor, 2009), and Dark Jenny (Tor, 2011). He lives with his family in Wisconsin.

    Keep up with him on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, and read his blog here.

    Would you like me to save you a spot in the tour?

    Please respond at your earliest convenience. A press release is posted below.



    You’re in for a Thrill in the Haunted Hills of Tennessee
    Fantasy author’s new book spins a modern tale of Southern mythology

    AUSTIN – If you thought American folk tales and mythologies were a thing of the past, stories told by Native Americans around campfires or great-grandmothers on porches, think again.

    In Alex Bledsoe’s new novel, The Hum and the Shiver, Bledsoe spins a fascinating new Southern mythology set in the dark valleys and hollows of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains where songs live…and kill.

    When the first Europeans came to the Smoky Mountains, the Tufa were already there, quietly living in the hills and valleys of Cloud County, their origins lost to history. But there are clues in their music, stories hidden in the songs they have passed down for generations.
    Bledsoe expertly develops the tale of the Tufa and Publisher’s Weekly said, “The slowly unfolding mystery of the Tufa is a fascinating and absorbing masterpiece of world-building.”

    The Hum and the Shiver tells the story of Private Bronwyn Hyatt, a true daughter of the Tufa. Bronwyn has returned from Iraq, wounded in body and spirit, only to face the very things that drove her away: her family, her obligations to the Tufa, and her dangerous ex-boyfriend. But more trouble lurks in the mountains of her childhood home. Cryptic omens warn of impending tragedy, and a restless haint lurks nearby waiting to reveal Bronwyn’s darkest secrets. Worse yet, Bronwyn has lost touch with herself and with the music that was once part of her. With death stalking her family, will she ever join in the song of her people and let it lift her onto the night winds?

    “This powerful, character-driven drama, set forth in superbly lucid prose, occurs against an utterly convincing backdrop and owns complications enough to keep everybody turning the pages.”- Kirkus Reviews starred review.

    Comparable to the lush magical realism of Charles de Lint and Holly Black’s darkly fantastic Modern Faerie Tales series, The Hum and the Shiver is a fresh fantasy from a truly masterful storyteller.

  16. Emily – Thank you for inviting me to participate in this tour! The premise of this story sounds like my cup of tea – I’ve sent a reply to this email emily[at]prbythebook[dot]com.

  17. Dear Sharry,

    I’m currently seeking reviews for my book: The Moon Coin: A Moon Realm Novel. Featuring twenty-two full-color illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio. 

    Here’s the teaser: http://themoonrealm.com/2011/08/28/the-moon-coin/

    Here are the first two chapters for free: http://themoonrealm.com/2011/06/24/first-two-chapters-of-the-moon-coin/

    Here’s a free audio version of the first two chapters: http://themoonrealm.com/2011/10/23/free-audiobook-sample-of-the-moon-coin/

    If you’re interested, I’d be happy to gift you an ebook version from Amazon. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble, and the iTunes iBookstore.

    If you are interested, I also have a guest post available. It’s called “From Sketch to Chapter Art, an Illustrator at Work”. In it, I present three of the chapter art sketches by Carolyn Arcabascio for The Moon Coin, by Richard Due, side-by-side with the finished art work. Below each image I ask Carolyn a question about the drawing or her process. The piece runs 500 words. If you’re interested in seeing it in detail, I would be happy to email it to you. 

    Thanks in advance for your time,

    Richard Due
    Gibbering Gnome Press, A Division of Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, Ink

    Press Kit: http://wp.me/P1BEjH-6Q.
    The images in the Press Kit are meant for print, so they’re quite large. 
    Here are some links suitable for the web. Format them as you see fit:
    Cover: http://homepage.mac.com/slbooks/filechute/TMC%20Cover%20Web.jpg
    Author photo: http://homepage.mac.com/slbooks/filechute/author%20photo.jpg
    Illustrator photo: http://homepage.mac.com/slbooks/filechute/IllustratorMug.jpg

  18. Dear Sharry,

    We Love your blog! As a blogger that actively reviews top novels in the historical fiction genre, we thought you might be interested in participating in our Online Blogger Book Tour of The Whip, written by author and actress, Karen Kondazian. We think it’s a fascinating read, based on an inspiring true story.

    About the novel: The Whip is inspired by the true story of Charlotte “Charley” Parkhurst (1812-1879) who lived most of her extraordinary life as a man in the old west. As a young woman in Rhode Island, she fell in love with a runaway slave and had his child. He was lynched, her baby killed. The destruction of her family drove her west to California, dressed as a man, to track the killer. Charley became a renowned stagecoach driver for Wells Fargo. She killed a famous outlaw, had a secret love affair, and lived with a housekeeper who, unaware of her true sex, fell in love with her. Charley was the first woman to vote in America in 1868 (as a man). Her grave lies in Watsonville, California.

    About the Author:
    Karen Kondazian is a multi-faceted writer, actress and producer. Her numerous projects and awards highlight Karen as a recognizable figure in the realms of theater, Broadway, film, television, writing and teaching the dramatic arts. In 1979, she won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Actress in The Rose Tattoo, (in which her work as actor and producer so impressed Tennessee Williams that they became friends and he gave her carte blanche to produce any of his work in his lifetime). Kondazian is the author of the best-selling book “The Actor’s Encyclopedia of Casting Directors,” (the second edition of the book will be released in 2012). The Whip (a historical novel inspired by the true story of Charley Parkhurst) is her debut novel.

    For more information on Karen Kondazian and The Whip, visit:

    We would love to send you The Whip to review, as well as have you host a giveaway for one of your loyal readers. Provide us with the winner’s name and we’ll mail him/her their own signed copy of The Whip, by author Karen Kondazian. If you would like to participate in this review, please respond with your name, mailing address, and number of unique monthly visitors to your blog. We will cross-promote through our blog roll and social media channels a well.

    Please be aware that FCC guidelines released in October 2009 require that bloggers disclose when they are reviewing free products given to them by companies. We would appreciate if you would review these guidelines outlined here: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    The Whip’s Social Media Team

  19. Hi Sharry,
    I wanted to see if you could share an exciting new Essay Contest for Aspiring Writers of YA or middle grade fiction, but not sure if this is the best place to share it vs. a private email to you. Can you send me your email, for your consideration to share on your blog with your readers? Thanks, Lorraine

  20. Hey!
    I was glad to stumble across this blog and even happier to read your appeal to keep you sane! I’m also a voracious reader, and while I do have friends who love reading, few of them like to rant about books, analyze books, write about books, obsess about books, review books and all those things we bookworms do! I’ve started following your blog; feel free to check out mine (click on my name, it has the link) or e-mail, I’d love to strike up a conversation about books!

  21. Hi I found you through a recent visit you did to my blog and I have to say your blog has blown me away, I love the weird and wonderful, I hate the predictable bubbly stereo typical books, I am a horror nerd I love scifi and most of all I love zombies (people tend to cringe when I admit to that one lol) I have just finished reading all Mark Tufos zombie books not sure if you would be interested but thought I would mention them. I will deffinatley check out some of your recommendations I will follow you though not sure how to become a member but your going on my favourites list.
    Paula x

  22. (Review Request)

    I hope you are having a lovely day. I’m an indie author who published her first e-novel this past December called The Lure of Shapinsay. It’s soon to be released as paperback. It’s a unique paranormal romance dealing with the very old Scottish mythology of the selkies.

    Ever since Kait Swanney could remember, the old crones of the village have been warning her to stay away from the selkies. They claim that like sirens of old, the seal men creep from the inky waters, shed their skins, and entice women to their deaths beneath the North Sea. But avoiding an encounter becomes impossible when Kait is spotted at the water’s edge, moments after the murder of a half-selkie infant.

    Kait is woken unexpectedly by a beautiful selkie man seeking revenge. After she declares her innocence, the intruder darts into the night, but not before inadvertently bewitching her with an overpowering lure.

    She obsesses over a reunion deep beneath the bay and risks her own life to be reunited with her selkie. But when she lands the dangerous lover, the chaos that follows leaves Kait little time to wonder—is it love setting her on fire or has she simply been lured?

    I’m interested in a review only if this sounds like your cup of tea. The “Lure” easily crosses over into the YA audience and is enjoyed by my teen readers. You can see some of the existing reviews on goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13015779-the-lure-of-shapinsay

    Here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXqeRPKaoqw

    Thank you for your consideration!


  23. Hello, Sharry!

    My name is Stephanie O’Brien, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in getting a free review copy of my new e-book, “Beachwalker”.

    “Beachwalker” is a story that takes place in an unidentified, war-torn country, where an urban firefight has just been interrupted by a violent earthquake. It follows the struggles of a teenage girl to save a dying POW, who she rescued from a collapsed building and concealed from the soldiers who had held him captive.

    Deliberately ambiguous and slightly surreal, this novella actively avoids specifying the location or time period of its settings, or taking sides in the war. Its primary focus is on the titular “Beachwalker”, the identity she drew from the stories of her childhood, and the development of both her character and her relationship with her mortally injured patient.

    The genre is a mixture of natural disaster, contemporary, war, and medical drama. Word count: 30,176. The file can be sent in PDF, Mobi or Microsoft Word format.

    Here’s a link to the cover:

    Thank you so much for all you do and for taking the time to read my message. I hope to hear from you soon!

    Wishing you the best,
    Stephanie O’Brien

    P.S. If you wish to receive your free copy, please contact me at keltahna[at]hotmail[dot]com

  24. Hi,

    I have self published a YA fantasy action series, “Dragon’s Pupils” on Amazon and B&N.

    My debut paranormal love story, “Last Kiss in Venice” will be available at beginning of July this year. Please find the blurb below for more details.

    I just wonder if you are interested and able to review it in July or August. If yes, I’ll send you a free copy, and am also happy to provide free copies for giveaway on your website if you wish to do so.

    I appreciate your time and am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,


    Last Kiss in Venice (Legend of the White Snake)

    Beside a bridge over a canal in Venice, Charlie is spell bounded not only by Caitlin’s absolute beauty but also by a mythical bond between them. The more he knows about her, the more mysterious she becomes. As they finally admit their love to each other in Paris, then move to settle down in Australia together, it looks like the start of Happily Ever After. But neither of them realizes that this is just the start of a heart-wrench love and hate journey.

    After a Lifetime of searching, Caitlin finally finds her true love, settles down in the beautiful rolling countryside of outback Australia, and starts to raise a family, but her enemy is never far away. She loves Charlie deeply and is certain he is her soul mate, but she knows she can never reveal her secret, he must never know who she really is, and that is her downfall. Information in the hands of her enemy brings her life crashing down around her, in order to save all she has worked for; she must fight for her love and the right to survive.

    “Last Kiss in Venice” is a reinterpretation of one of China’s most famous love stories, ‘Legend of the White Snake’. It is a supernatural love epic that encompasses both eastern and western culture to tell a story of love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, revenge and justice. This cocktail of oriental magic, vampires, and sword fights is a legend not easily forgotten.

  25. Hi Martin,

    Your synopsis has pricked my interest… especially that it’s a re-telling of the ‘Legend of the White Snake’ which I am familiar with already! I would love to read and review your novel. Please contact me at this_is_shar[at]live[dot]com as I’m not sure how you would like to be contacted!

  26. Hi Sharry,

    Great blog! I was wondering if you’d like to review my self-published YA sci-fi/fantasy novel, Dark Rising.

    Here is a quick summary:
    The ancient and powerful Arcana have fallen. The knowledge they recorded was lost. The artifacts they gathered from civilizations throughout the universe have been destroyed. Their ability to harness the powers of dark matter couldn’t save them. Many are dead. The rest are scattered. And the vengeful defector that brought them down has begun his hunt for the remaining survivors.

    When sixteen-year-old Alexander learns he’s an Arcana, the hunt is already underway. All his gadgets, books, and plans to run away have to be put aside. And when James, the young alien instructed to take him to safety lapses him into the heart of enemy territory to settle a personal score, Alexander has no choice but to accept the responsibilities placed on him. That includes learning to wield his new-found dark matter abilities, even though he’d rather not. But nothing is as simple as it seems. Secrets have been kept. A truth has been hidden for thousands of years. If Alexander doesn’t learn who and what he actually is in time, it’s not just his life he’ll lose. Entire worlds will die with him.

    If you’re interested, feel free to contact me at mxkremzen@gmail.com

    M.X. Kremzen

  27. Hey there! I looked for an e-mail address, but couldn’t find one, so I thought I’d leave my comment here. 😉

    My name is Theresa McClinton, and I’m the author of a YA paranormal romance called The Stone Guardian, coming December 14th from Etopia press. I’m running a really great book blast/giveaway with a lot of amazing prizes, like apple products, software, and signed posters from Simone Elkeles, and much more.

    The book blast will run from December 14-20th (because after all, the world will end on the 21st–The Stone Guardian is based on the Mayan civilization) I would love if YAtopia would participate.


    If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. You can e-mail me at theresa.mcclinton@hotmail.com or fill out the contact form on my website.

  28. Oops! lol. I accidentally left YAtopia’s name in there. Can you tell it’s been a very, very long day? 😉 Anyway, I’m fully aware this is NOT YAtopia, and it’s Always Dreaming. Don’t know how that happened. 😉

  29. Hi “Sharry”,
    I’ll be honest, normally when I can’t find an easy contact page I move on, but I happened to scroll down your about me page and when I saw the Guilin photo I just HAD to say hello.
    It’s funny that you choose that for the place you want to visit because you are spot on. It is an amazing place!!! Incredible and I want to go again. My name is Savannah Grace, I am 22 years old and have visited 98 countries. And of over 500 cities, Yangshuo which is where your photo is taken, is one of my absolute favorite places!!!
    Also, we have lots in common, because I love camels (have ridden a bunch and still have yet to be spat on) and am a gemini…it can be a terrible curse sometimes, eh.
    Anyway, if you have the time, I would love if you reviewed my very first book. As you probably guessed, it is a travel memoir. And surprise surprise, the cover of my book is a photo of Guilin that I took.
    I think you would actually really enjoy the book so I hope to hear back from you. my email is sihpromatum@gmail.com my website is sihpromatum.com and the amazon link to the book is http://www.amazon.com/Sihpromatum-Grew-Boobs-China-Volume/dp/1479236659/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352148409&sr=8-1&keywords=sihpromatum

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