"Eye of the Needle" by Vladimir Kush

Why do we let religion get so out of hand?

Religion is supposed to be a great thing. Something that’s like guidelines for your life, something that gives you hope that what you’re doing with your life now is not totally pointless. But sometimes when I see and hear things around me or on TV about what people do, or what people can get away with, in the name of religion, I feel disgusted. Like, for example, people who commit crimes, then get away with it because they can be forgiven. I have no problems with giving people a second chance at a life of good, but honestly, so many of those criminals will feel no remorse at all, take no responsibility at all for their actions. It’s also gone so corrupt, especially in the less educated countries. Religious authorities have too much power because these people don’t know how to interpret their own religion for themselves (because they can’t read the religious books or simply aren’t taught to be allowed to think that way).

Also, I don’t think everyone needs a religion to be happy in life and death or whatever may follow. Some people do perfectly fine all their lives, contributing more than others who have a religion. They have their own personal guidelines for life already and don’t need to join a religious group to figure it out. Every time I hear people say things like if you’re an atheist you’ll be unhappy or whatever, I want to roll my eyes. It’s not necessarily true. If that person has his/her own concept of what they think is right, and they stick to it and doesn’t hurt anybody in the process, what’s wrong with that? They can definitely achieve true happiness.

So many people I know suffer from familial problems because some family members decided the family religion wasn’t for them, and decided to find a different religion. Then, their families shunned them. It’s ridiculous. Does changing religions change the person you are in your heart? Why then, should these people, because of this difference, allow it to get in the way of their judgment?

I don’t think there is such thing as a superior religion – one that’s better then all the rest. Contrarily, I think a lot of religions are intrinsically similar. If you take away all the embellishments, the rituals (etc..), at the bottom of it, religions are there just to help people find the true path to happiness and contributing to the world around them. As long as that mission is fulfilled, the religion is doing good for the world.

I just wanted to write this entry because I’ve been thinking about religion a lot lately. I don’t know if I’ve even managed to formulate my thoughts properly. I definitely didn’t really backup my opinions with facts, just only glancing observations. I just sort of felt like writing so I wrote this. It’s one of my favorite things to discuss: religious philosophy and why people need it. Can’t we all just do our best to live in this world and help others to be happy in this world, whether or not things get better or worst in the next “life” (interpreting life as heaven or another cycle of life or etc.) ?


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  1. you know…one can live with all the fairness and happiness without even going any where near religion. But, i dont have anything against religion as long as it is not used as a hate thing.

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