“Book of Books” by Vladimir Kush

I love reading classics, and then watching a movie adaptation of them. Click on the titles for links to my reviews of the book!

  1. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. January 11th, 2009.
  2. Heart and Science by Wilkie Collins. February 13th, 2009.
  3. Richard II by William Shakespeare. March 8th, 2009.
  4. Henry IV by William Shakespeare. March 10th, 2009.
  5. Two on a Tower by Thomas Hardy. March 15th, 2009.
  6. Hamlet by William Shakespeare. May 17th, 2009.
  7. Othello by William Shakespeare. June 20th, 2009.
  8. King Lear by William Shakespeare. August 9th, 2009.
  9. The Tempest by William Shakespeare. September 17th, 2009.
  10. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. October 13th, 2009.

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