Book Review: Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. Verdict – freakin’ stole my breath away *pun totally intended*

Brandon Sanderson is my *comfort* read. I’ve been a fan of him since I won a copy of Mistborn waaaay back when I first started blogging. And then, when I started experimenting with world-building and creative writing, his writing excuses podcasts as well as his youtube videos were so helpful.

warbreaker-brandon-sanderson-audiobook.jpgI just DEVOURED Warbreaker – the audiobook version. Here we go again with B.Sanderson being so damn creative!

Essentially, Warbreaker is set in a world where magic can be harvested from the breath of any living thing and imprinted into inanimate objects or used to raise the living dead – or used to sustain a living God/Goddess. The world is super cool, and similar to when I was reading Mistborn and The Way of Kings, you can see Brandon Sanderson’s skill shine in describing how his characters use the magic in unique and clever ways. And you get to thrill in the characters discovering the rules of play for the first time and experimenting with them, and finding loopholes, and everything. Love love love it!

More than that, the characters of this book are very well done. We have two princess sisters, Vivenna and Siri who undergo immense character transformations by the end of their ordeals in the story. Cold, aloof, and controlled Vivenna, coming down from her high horse to open up her narrow-mindedness and let a few colors loose in her hair after a stint in the slums. And naive, carefree Siri, forced into a marriage with an intimidating God King, become wiser, more mature, and cannier. We have the incessantly cheeky Lightsong, a God who doesn’t want to be one – he was my favorite! Denth and his gang of incorrigible mercenaries. And Vasher, gruff, prickly, loner of a guy with a freakin’ heart of gold. And don’t forget Nightblood. Ah, Nightblood, y’old rascal. Too bad Warbreaker #2: Nightblood has been put on hold indefinitely….short story, Mr. Sanderson?

And if you know Brandon Sanderson, you’ll be expecting a masterful ending to his story with reveal after reveal. VERY epic. VERY satisfying. Comforting.

PS – the scenes with Siri and the GodKing talking about babymaking crack me up!

I’ll rate this one 5 grapes gobbled up by Lightsong.


  1. I’m so sad that I haven’t started this series…just too many books and I have to make choices. It’s agonizing! One of these days…

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