Someone flaked out on Christmas…

I love it when snow gathers in mounds and covers everything in icing. When the weather-girl made a prediction last week that it would snow on Christmas eve and day, I was a little kid jumping up and down in excitement. But, hey, wait a minute…it’s only raining today! Boo!

So, I made a mini-cartoon to express my overall sentiments with regards to the weather this Christmas…

Flakey Snowflake by Sharry Cee

Come on, Mr. Flakey, promises are promises!

There’s still one day left, fingers crossed—

I hope the holidays are merry for you all!


  1. Merry Christmas! Our weather was muggy and eighty degrees for Christmas Day, so I hope that you at least were spared that. This week it’s meant to be a bit nicer (sunny and 60s), so I am still hopeful that I will have a chance to feel coolish air on my skin and get some sun in my hair without boiling. 😀

  2. Jenny – Haha, that sounds so lovely, Jenny! I like either freezing or humid. Don’t like this in-between stuff that creates slush and rain.

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