It’s either re-read or succumb to the beetles

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Ahh, glad to have survived to see 2013.

There’s not been very consistent activity on my blog for about half a year because I’ve just been too consistently lazy. I’m still burning lightbulbs every night reading but I’m too lazy to even mutter a few words here about it. This blog is supposed to be my reading diary to keep records of my reading experiences, so why the heck am I not doing it? Also, I’m finding that reading stuff on my own one after the other feels too much like when they overfeed ducks to make foie gras out of their livers. I’m just not digesting and I’m getting obese. So, I have literary indigestion or some form of literary obesity in which my mind is in a perpetual fug about everything I read. I think that’s why no book has really stood out for me this year. So, I’m going to give this blog another go and see if I have any self-discipline to maintain it this year if only for myself to read. Due to all those dedicated bloggers who post their favourite reads of each year I now have a list of stuff to attack.

On a side note: I had to pack away all my books, because I was afraid I might have a carpet beetle infestation in my house – I am afraid they will riddle holes in my precious books! I feel like re-reading all my books with the vacuum cleaner handy at every page to suck up any potential carpet beetle egg. Overdoing it??



  1. Oh no! I hope you do not truly have carpet beetles. I always feel completely nightmarish about the possibility of getting bugs in my books. Though for me the fear is bedbugs. That would be the worst. I dread it every time I get a book out of the New York library. I could stop getting books there except I could never stop getting books there.

  2. Totally understand. I haven’t posted in a while either, and I’ve read tons of books. Gah! Here’s to hoping we can make up for it this year 🙂

  3. Jenny – Yes, I am living a nightmare of sorts. Also, I’ve been trying to use mothballs. As an experiment, I put a bug into a bag with a mothball. It’s been two weeks and that little guy is fat and thriving while I’m all rash and suffering. It really sucks! I can’t find anymore of them, so I hope he didn’t have time to procreate while busy eating up my stuff 😥 Also, I could have gotten it from a used book sale that I went to that week. I neglected to shake out the book before bringing it to bed. I really hope that wasn’t the case though, ’cause I really like used book sales. I agree with you on the bedbugs. I was SO glad when I couldn’t find not even one. But I feel like I’m haunted for life. Alas, my reading needs will make me continue to take risks at the library, too, haha.

    BookRain – Cheers to that New Year’s resolution! I hope I won’t end up standing myself up again haha

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