The ancient R.I.P. Challenge IV (Sept 1st to Oct 31st)

My Challenge Choices:

Peril the Second

Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

I’m ashamed to say I have not read any of her books. But, I recklessly (with great belief in the enthusiasm of bookster friends in the physical and non-physical universe) have decided to dive in and pre-order Daughter of Smoke and Bone (if this review by Chelle does not convince you, I don’t know what will). In the meantime, I will try my hand at breaking Blackbringer’s spine.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I’m also ashamed to say I’ve never read any Oscar Wilde books. But, Jenny has expressed such boundless great affection for him and his work (and all people on good terms with him) that, naturally, I would be curious. (seriously, if you search “Oscar Wilde” on her blog, like, every other post pops up) I’m already halfway through this one – one step ahead of my procrastination!

Peril of the Group Read

Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

I have this on my shelf back in my Neil Gaiman bookcrush days and my short story obsession phase. I’ve posted about some of his short stories before (M is for Magic) and now am so glad that there will be other people reading these at the same time so that I can figure out some puzzles that have been clacking around under the hood. I’m so glad I hopped over to Kailana‘s blog and found out about this!

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher is new to me completely. I haven’t even heard of him, much to my dismay. Some sparkly excitement rubbed off on me when I was jumping around Anastasia’s blog and witnessed a mini-gush over there for the Dresden Files. So, now I must try.

The Group Read idea, in particular, is awesome for me. I’ve been feeling so lonely over here at the lab, I haven’t caught anyone reading during the lunch break or doing any literary activities ‘cept ingesting scientific papers. I miss English Lit classes. This Group Read thing will have to replace that hollow.

If you want to join, just go to Carl’s blog Stainless Steel Droppings and sign up!



  1. well you are in for a “friendly” time with everyone at RIP! I hope you enjoy yourself and add even more books to your wish list!

  2. Laini Tatlor is a new author to me so I’ll be interested to read about her book. Storm Front is excellent. Enjoy the challenge!

  3. deslily – if I ever actually had the money to buy all those books, those books would probably move from the wishlist to the infinite to-be-read list =P
    Cath – She’s new to me, too! But people seem to be really enjoying her work, so I’m looking forward to seeing whether I will, too! And Storm Front’s reading really fast for me, right now! I’m enjoying it quite well =)
    Amanda – I just finished it! (I sort of want to watch the screen adaptation now…)
    Kailana – can’t wait for the first round of questions!
    Redhead – This will be my first Butcher, too! I’m zipping through it right now!!

  4. Yay, Dresden Files! 😀 Also, fyi, there was a TV show version of the first [whatever] books that was on Syfy a few years back. It was actually pretty good, though they aired the episodes out of production order, which made the first episode really weird and confusing (it was actually #5 or something).

  5. Trish – Actually, I finished The Picture of Dorian Gray a while ago, but was just too busy (and a little lazy) to post about it! 😛
    Anastasia – Yes! I saw that there was a tv show version, which was one of the reasons why I wanted to read it, too. I’ll have to read more books in this series before I watch the tv show (in case of spoilers, ya know)

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