Where’s the safe zone in the Game of Thrones series?

Been wondering why I’ve been so lazy and haven’t posted anything in weeks?

I’ve been reading George R. R. Martin.

But I need a break.

It happened some time when I was halfway through A Storm of Swords (3rd book in the series). I just got really depressed. And then, the chapters after the incident that depressed me, were really dark… and I began to realize how freakin’ dark this series is. I mean, sure, it’s the medieval ages, but gahhh. Everytime it’s sit-around-the-fire-and-share-a-story time, someone will offer a story or song that involves someone being raped, or burned/mutilated or tortured or committing suicide. So sad. So depressing. If people are holding hands and singing and dreaming beautiful dreams, I’m sure something bad will happen to them by the end of that chapter.

Where are the hugs? And the warm blankets? And the oatmeal porridge? Where???

I started to skip pages here and there because I was searching for a nice warm cozy nookish place. But it does not exist!! When I told my friends this, they were aghast and very disappointed in me for having this attitude toward George R.R. Martin. They vowed they would never speak to me again about discussing George R. R. Martin.

I’m sure I’ll get over it and continue reading the series. But for now, I received a package from Lovkyne from nom nom tasty books (don’t you love that blog name?)  She sent me Nomansland byLesley Hauge. I will read that one first and let you know how it goes!


Must. Post. This.

Also, stole this from See Michelle Reads. Don’t read it if you plan on reading or watching Harry Potter books or movies. (TSK. to you for depriving yourself, though)

This woman is awesome!! I once did something similar for Shakespeare works for an English project.  I wonder…

PS – And did you know that Emma Watson might play Beauty in a film version of Beauty and the Beast? Interesting…



  1. I would never be able to read all of the Game of Thrones books in a row. I read the first one and am taking a break before I read the second one…

  2. Oh dear….I haven’t started reading these, and am now pretty sure it’s not going to be exactly my cup of tea. Probably no “let’s go to the attic and find old furniture to refinish!” moments.

  3. one of my good friends keep telling me about how much she’s enjoying that series and thinks i should read it. i think i’ll keep a bag of chocolates around for that occasion.

  4. I stopped after the first book. I couldn’t stand the POV switching, plus yeah all my favorite characters started dying. I’m just going to wait till all the books are finished then read the summary of each in a detached sort of way. Lol. At least you’re still trying to read them 🙂
    I love the Harry Potter recaps. So adorable!
    And Gosh how awesome is that Hunger Games motion poster? I can’t wait! Also I’d like to see a picture with Josh Hutcherson completely blonde, none of this kind of blonde.

  5. There are no cuddly parts, as far as I can tell, in most of the Game of Thrones series. But I will feel cuddly when SANSA SAVES THE DAY. Because that’s going to happen.

    I love those Lucy Knisley posters. I want to get one for all my Harry Potter fan friends.

  6. Oh dear. I felt like that quite a bit during my Middle English class, which makes sense given the time period that GoT takes place in, but still. I can only imagine how much more horrible it would be to read it in contemporary language, especially one after the other. But here’s hoping that a little break might help you make it the rest of the way through. Also – GREAT Harry Potter drawings!!

  7. Kailana – That seems to be the trend. I’ll read really speedily halfway through the book then SOMETHING HAPPENS and I need a break and yet I can’t resist reading for long…I am proud to say that I am now a few chapters away from finishing Storm of Swords. The only thing is, I know something bad is going to happen at the end of the book…I just know it!!
    Alyssa – thank you for stopping by!
    Charlotte – Haha, no, I don’t think the children will be safe going up to the attic alone. Despite how dark this series has been so far, I can’t help reading it! The characters are really well drawn out and I have love/hate relationships with pretty much all of them.
    Lovkyne – Yes, but I also recommend you bring something soft you can strangle in case you come across a particular character you care little for but has an extended lifetime for some reason.
    BookRain – No, keep reading! I stopped for a bit after the first book, too, but am glad I kept reading because you get to know the other characters a little better and you might start to like some of them and hate some of them more, but yes, it’s worth it to keep reading! Anyway, after a while, you’ll probably be a little desensitized towards anticipating upcoming death scenes, and it will be a little more bearable. And looking forward to Hunger Games the movie is definitely filling that empty gap left behind after the Potter movies!!
    Jenny – Oh! I thought you said it did happen, Jenny! Are you telling me this is only wishful thinking? I guess there is still one other book coming out after Dance with Dragons…
    Chelsea – Yes, lots of never-ending blood feuds and brotherhood stuff. You get desensitized very quickly, I find, though I am resisting. And, yes, I took that break, but it was a shorter one than I thought. There was just too much going on, I couldn’t break away from that for very long.

  8. I so badly want to read the Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to get my hands on them from the library/bookstore. I should have read them a couple of years back when there wasn’t this much interest 😦

  9. Nish – You could always download it as an e-book if you have a kindle!! And yeah, before the tv show came out would have been a great time to read them. I find that the whole bandwagonage thing turns me off things, too. Luckily I started the series before it got overly hyped and am now confident about my opinions about it 😀

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