Getting back to business?

Got a whole line-up of books to talk about…

In the meantime:

I. Am. So. Jealous.

Am also shamelessly hooked on this season of American Idol. =S



  1. I didn’t much like Haley till she did, “House of the Rising Sun.” I really liked Paul and was so mad when he was voted off. And gosh, I want to work at the Kansas City Library if it looks like that. Lol

  2. That’s my library! It’s so cool to see it pop up on another blog! And yeah, it’s pretty awesome, not going to lie. It’s just as nifty inside as it is pretty outside. 😀

  3. BookRain – Yeah, Haley’s not very consistent with her performances but I just love her voice! It’s so interesting. She won me over with the Benny and the Jets and also House of the Rising Sun where she did that acapella thing at the beginning.

    Jenny – We should petition! I wonder if they change the books on those giant shelves, occasionally…

    Chelsea – I’m sure this library of yours attracts flocks of book loving tourists! =P

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