Just out of boredom (I am on campus and without a book. this is lunacy waiting to happen.)

I keep landing on “The Romantic”… (do share your reader “label” — just curious)

And another… (of course, the statements made below seem kind of obvious… people who don’t like reading aren’t likely to search up “What kind of reader am I?” on google…)

and one more just because I like to procrastinate,



  1. Patty – I’ve linked the images of my results from the other tests with the links from where I got them (so if you click on the image, it should bring you there!) Haha, I definitely think I’m more of a romantic than a scholar!

  2. Nikki-ann – You know, I tried to work backwards to see how to get adventurist but I keep losing track, those lines are thin!

  3. that flowchart is hilarious! especially since there is no flow whatsoever to any of the questions, that makes it brilliant!

    and apparently I’m a music lover? although I’d rather nap to music than read to it.

  4. Redhead – Haha, that’s a first! And, yes, this flowchart boggles me, I try to cheat and work backwards to see what answers I should get to get into the category I want, but I keep losing my way. (and strange thing, I used to be able to listen to music and read, but now I can’t – listening to classical music or soundtrack music with no words is marginally better but still distracts me)

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