Hunger Games 2012??

Just had to post this!

What do you think of the cast? Okay, not much of a cast yet, but what do you think of Jennifer Lawrence? I feel like those photos seem to show that she can play the part. . . EEEE. should I feel excited or wary?



  1. Hmmmm. I haven’t seen Winter’s Bone, but I definitely pictured Katniss less….Aryan? Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll have to go back and see what the descriptions of her say in the books.

  2. Yeah, I definitely imagined that she’d have brown hair, at least, anyway. But, I guess you can dye things and put contacts and whatnot, so in the end, looks don’t matter very much. One of my friends thought Hailee Steinfeld might have been a better pick? But, I’ve no experience watching any movies with either of them, so, it’s all up for grabs to me!

  3. Just finished watching Winter’s Bone. I actually quite like it – Jennifer Lawrence was quite riveting in her role and I think she might be able to pull it off. But, you’re right, Patty, she might be kinda old by the time they get through all three movies!

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