Pretty Beastly?

First, yay, finished my first NaNoWriMo semi-novel which I will immediately re-write because the end was really crap.

Even though I ended up with a badly hashed up story, this experience has helped to motivate me to finish up my stories!


Have any of you read Beastly by Alex Finn? I picked it up a while ago, after reading Angie’s review on it, because I love fairytale re-tellings. I’ll watch this movie simply because Neil Patrick Harris is in it. Interesting how the directors chose to portray Kyle’s “beastliness”.



  1. I do not understand Neil Patrick Harris’s role in all this. Is he the talking candelabra character? This is all very confusing. (But I love him and will watch him in anything.)

  2. To answer your question on my blog: I did enjoy the Inkworld trilogy, but like you, thought that it did drag at times. I think it’s one of those series that you just have to be patient with. Once I finished the final book, I was grateful I hadn’t given up on it!

  3. Jenny – I’m not quite sure either why he is randomly in this movie. Haha, I am assuming you are referring to Lumiere from the Disney version of B&B? The book version doesn’t have a talking candelabra (how unfortunate – because NPH would be perfect*) but there is a character who is blind and he is the main character’s tutor. I’m assuming that’s his role?
    Allegra – You know what, I actually read halfway through the book and then gave into my impulses and ended up watching the movie (the one with Brenden Fraser in it) and I loved the movie so much!! But, then, when I got back to reading the book… that was when I started to feel it was draggy.

  4. T.V and Book Addict – I had no idea either! It’s kind of random, in my opinion (have you read the book?). NPH was hilarious in How I met Your Mother!

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