Short Stories and an upcoming obsession.

Wow, I ghost in and out of the book blog world, don’t I?

Well, here’s a quick post about Angela Carter.


She is so awesome. I love her short stories, have you read them? I recently acquired The Bloody Chamber, and devoured it, slowly. I loved her re-telling of “Puss-in-boots”, and I love her twist on the vampire story in “The Lady of the House of Love”. Actually, I love all her stories. The moment you start reading, you are seduced by her liquid, sensuous, unique prose. Her descriptions are amazing and they flow right off the page and into the weird parts of my imagination. She’s intelligent and humorous and elegant in her writing. I really must get my hands on another collection of her shorts.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a copy of Tanith Lee’s “Night’s Master”, coming in from Amazon. Has anyone sampled her short stories yet? Tanith Lee has always had a special place in my heart.



  1. Hey, it looks all different up in here! Am I imagining that because you’ve been away so long? :p I really enjoyed the one book by Angela Carter I’ve read so far, too, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work soon. Are you planning to try some of her novels?

  2. I’ve had pretty bad luck with short stories so far in my reading career. Last October I read the collection Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link and loathed it. As a Neil Gaiman fan, I’m hoping to have better luck with his short story collection M is for Magic, which has been sitting in my mental TBR stack for months. Have you read either of these collections?

  3. I’ve never read anything by this author, but I have been wanting to explore more short stories. I am bookmarking this post to remind me to seek out some stories by Angela Carter.

  4. laughingstars66 – Yes, please do so! She writes such creepy, evocative prose, with excellent, humorous stories. I’m learning a lot from her!

  5. Jenny – I just finished reading the Angela Carter Anthology, “Burning Your Boats”. A definitely MUST READ. I’m learning a lot from her, especially in the prose department.
    Nymeth – Disagree! She’s more than wonderful! She’s fantastic, awesome, bizarre, very very cool. πŸ˜›
    Allegra – I recently read M is for Magic, as well. Some of those stories tickled me to tears. Others, I just didn’t get. Would really appreciate your thoughts on that anthology.

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