Buffy’s where the story’s at

So, crazy (and easily addicted) girl that I can be, I went and watched all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the suggestion of a friend. The crazy part? I watched it in about a week and a half. But I had to, otherwise school would be in full and swing and I would only be thinking of what was going to happen between Buffy and Spike…

btvsIn the past, I was reasonably intrigued by the show. I remember watching a couple of episodes here and there back in the day when it was still airing on TV, and I remember thinking it was scary and hilarious, but I didn’t quite get it, probably because I didn’t watch it consistently enough. My friend had some of the dvds and she made me watch the first season, which didn’t really pull me in, so I finished it and stopped watching any further. When she noticed this, she was severely disappointed in me and forced me to watch the second season at least. The second season was such an unholy improvement – courtesy of Faith the awesome bad girl – that I had to start watching the next season right away, which she didn’t have on DVD!! Doomsday, anyone?

Enter online video hosting websites: Oh wonderful streaming videos… you shall be my downfall!!

I’m not a huge series watcher, probably because my schedule is such that I usually can’t really follow a story long enough to get into it. I think I got into “Lost” and “Heroes” for a while, but the moment I missed a few weeks, too many apocalyptic things happened and too many characters joined the crew or ‘died’ that it didn’t matter anymore.

But, wow, I really enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What a crazy, well-written story that brings up interesting complications and ideas to ponder on.  The scripts are just so smart and funny, and there are very few if any loop holes that could bother a crazy, detail-watcher like me. And they pull this off season after season, remembering certain details from previous episodes of previous seasons and elaborating on the story and the character, just to make you love it more. I love watching all the characters grow-up and be changed by things that I was witness to on the other side of the screen – so this is how it feels to watch a series in its entirety! It was like watching your little brothers or sisters grow up. Especially Willow! Her change was the most dramatic and is the basis of season 6. Xander, he owns “the moments”, and he’s yet to fail to make me laugh when things get too serious.

Favourite episode is the finale of season 5: The Gift – that was the first time I’ve ever cried while watching a TV show. Joss Whedon and crew just built up the whole story arc for that season so nicely that when the inevitable time came, it was all the more powerful and emotional. I bawled and wished I could discuss how great it was with my friend then realized it was 2AM in the morning and she’d probably hit me.

Funniest episode: Hmm, off the top of my head, the episode when Giles gets turned into a demon. Hehehe. He’s funny enough as a rambling, dreamy Englishman, but as a bumbling demon he’s even more hilarious. Especially when he had to ask Spike for help. Also, I loved those episodes when Anya invites her demon friends and they all try to have a civilized conversation with the humans – it was all so surreal.

Scariest episode: That’s tied between the famous “Hush” episode in Season 4 and “Killed By Death” in Season 2, I think. “Hush” was creepy simply because you couldn’t scream when those things started stabbing at you while you were in bed, and they would glide silently around lead by those hump backy minions. I remember when I watched that episode, I was just about to go to bed, but, after that I had to watch another episode until I stopped feeling freaked out. Because I do get freaked out easily. And that ugly demon thing in “Killed By Death” with those little squiggly suckers that come out of his eye sockets…. *shudder*.


Most annoying character: Riley Finn. Just say the word “commando” and I’ll feel like ripping someone’s hair out, or, if you wave any technologically advanced devices over my head, dropping them to the floor and grinding them under the heel of my boots with epic satisfaction. Sorry, people who believe he was “right” for Buffy. Just sayin’ – he was aggravating. His friends were even more aggravating. I rejoiced when Professor Walsh got zombiefied. I giggled with glee when Forrest became patchwork doll. There’s something about using advanced human technology on ancient demons that grated on me, I almost felt bad for those demons who were unethically treated, haha.  I do admit, Riley does show an interesting side to Buffy and her dynamics with her guys, though.


My favourite character is undoubtedly Spike. He’s just so messed up and his relationship with Buffy is so complicated yet so simple. He’s such a hilariously wicked character, but in moments when it really matters, he pulls through for Buffy and Dawn. I especially like him because he didn’t have a soul, yet he would still do and think crazy things about Buffy, and, even though it might have been his chip speaking, he was loyal and he never really tried to promise to Buffy something he wasn’t able to pull through in some way. He respected Buffy for who she is (after years of intense hatred, of course… which is so much more romantic).  And, of course, there was something magnetic about his character (aside from his sizzling looks) that members of the female variety go crazy over, especially since he “reformed” himself somewhat, for Buffy. Unlike some characters, pasty-ness looks good on him and fangs…. grw! (Oh, and wasn’t Alive Spike so deliciously bumbling and fragile? Hehehe) Spike and Xander together make for hilarious moments. I didn’t care too much for the Buff-Angel relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I love David Boreanaz (he’s awesome in Bones), but I guess I had their whole relationship all figured out and didn’t find anything as interesting to chew on. I was mildly annoyed when he was given a second chance, and came back. Oh great, more episodes of Buffy and Angel knowing how they can’t really be together but they can’t really be friends, and can’t do certain deeds or else Angel becomes Bad-Angel and will have to be staked again.  Ahem.

So, herein ends my rant about BtVS. Watch it if you haven’t! You can’t not love the Scooby Gang!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series


  1. Good God, in a week and a half? So that way beats even my craziest TV-series-watching sprees. But I support it! And I totally agree with you about Riley – ugh, he was so maddening, and he only got worse as the show went on. I wanted to stab him in the eyes when he came back with his dreadful dull wife.

    I cried so hard when I watched The Gift too. It’s the hardest I ever cried at a TV episode, except for maybe this one episode of Doctor Who.

  2. Oh my!! Another Buffy fan 😉 I absolutely love the show, followed it on tv, but only recently invested in the boxset. Now I have them all available at any time…sigh. And yes, best thing about Buffy….SPIKE! Followed by Anya. Worst thing…toss up between Riley, Kendra and Dawn. And I blubbed at the end of season 5. In fact, I do every time I see it, even though I know what happens! Other favourite episodes are the one where they all lose their memories and Spike things he’s Giles son…genius…and the musical. Brilliant. So glad you’re a fan!

  3. You know, I’ve never watched this series at all. I think I just might be the only one out there who hasn’t. Maybe I’ll pick it up though. Except I don’t think I’ll get through them all as fast as you did 😉

  4. Yay! I pretty much agree with everything! Especially the favorite character being Spike! I just love James Marsters! You should watch Smallville. Well only the first 4 seasons, the rest are not worth watching unfortunately. Anywho, you should watch those because they’re awesome and Spike comes out as the Braniac for a season. It’s cool 😉 Oh and have you seen Angel? You should REALLY watch it! Loved the first season so much and SPIKE COMES OUT IN THE SERIES!!!

  5. I never got to watch the series in its entirety. I loved the first 3 seaons though…

    I don’t get the Riley hate, I thought he was cute, but then I never watched that section of the series properly anyway.

  6. I love Buffy! I agree with you on everything except most annoying character – while Riley wasn’t my absolute favorite – I wouldn’t say he the most annoying. I got frustrated towards the end of the series with the three guys pretending to be villians – I mean, really? Buffy’s faced demons and what not, even the anti-Christ (I think) and three high school kids are going to threaten her?

    I wish there were more seasons to develop between Spike and Buffy. I absolutely love the part where Buffy comes back and Spike sees her. I think I need to watch this again.

  7. I must be quicker to answer comments! Bad me for being lazy.
    Jenny – I must must watch Doctor Who in its glorious entirety. Especially the last season with David Tennant!!
    Mariel – I’m seriously tempted to invest myself. Yes, that episode made me squirm with giggles!
    Michelle – I thought I was the only one who hadn’t watched the whole series. But I’m glad I did! It’s masterful storytelling on screen!
    Lisette – Angel is another “boxed set” that I have yet to watch. But to tell you the truth, I’m terribly afraid to! I don’t trust my own abilities to resist watching it all at once like I did with this one 😛
    Nish – At first I thought Riley was cute too. Then came all the annoying episodes. He actually gets progressively more annoying for me!
    Kris – The Hush definitely creeped me out to a new level!
    Miss Remmers – Oh yeah, those dudes were quite the trio of great evil. I was glad when they were finally, mostly, gotten rid of 😛 I too, wish there were more of on screen Buffy-Spike story to watch! They just had such an interesting dynamic relationship!

  8. Joss Whedon is a creative genius. And I usually end up loving anything he is a part of. I’m SO happy he’s directing the new Avengers movie.

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