Things I did before the day even really began…

– bump my head on a cabinet door corner so hard there was instant tears. I want my mummy!!

– put salt in my tea (and it took me a whole minute to realize that was why the tea was salty…I’ll never be able to enjoy English Toffee Tea the same way ever again).

– shampooed my hair with conditionner and conditioned with shampoo and only realized it after I had done it.

– left for class earlier than I had to because I was mistaken on what day it was. I could have slept in for another hour.

The whole morning’s been hazy as a consequence… perhaps I should get my head checked, literally.



  1. I have had to stop buying matching shampoo & conditioners because I was constantly trying to shampoo my hair with conditioner. They are hard to tell apart when they match!

  2. Oh my…well, if it’s any comfort, I’m often the same way. Several times, early in the morning, I’ve poured orange juice on my cereal and milk in my glass. 🙂 Orange juice and Cheerios don’t make a very pleasent combination, by the way!

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