Lazy afternoons are all about sitting still in front of a fan with a book

On this extremely lazy afternoon, I didn’t move my butt very much, just lay, strewn, on the couch, with only my eyes moving, apparently in the act of reading. I sweated away whilst holding the pages of my book down as the fan tried to flip it 100 pages over (and ruin the ending for me!!). I ate some ice cream (with blueberries) and pretended I was far away in the Clayr’s glaciers, or deep in Fainne’s honeycomb caverns by the sea (this didn’t work, of course, since I was reading a particularly sweltering passage from The Lies of Locke Lamora). Then, I spent a good hour just browsing the internet and looking at some other book blogs. I stopped by the Blogger Appreciation website, and put in my picks. There are some very interesting categories there! I didn’t put someone for every one of them (I don’t blog-read around enough to actually know of some blogs that fit all those categories), but it was an easy and fun way to show my appreciation for all those hard working bloggers out there whose reviews and opinions I feast on! Thank you! Your reviews have been so entertaining and thought-provoking. I’ve laughed many-a-times and thought somberly about new issues as well!

One last thing,

I don’t know where I found this, but here’s a quiz:  “Which Fantasy Writer Are You?” I think it might have been on someone’s weekly meme, but I forget who. Being a dabbler in the writing arts myself, I took the quiz of course and here are my results.

TOVE JANSSON, author of the Moomin books! Now, I never read these children books when I was younger – I guess I was missing out? She sounds like an eccentric writer. If so, I think that kind of does reflect my reading/writing habits. I love the strange, the creative, the surreal.

  1. Apparently, I’m more High-Brow than Low-Brow… but I’m not a book snob! Far from it. I actually don’t know how I came to receive 23 points under this category because I know I don’t read very many books in the canon, or that many novels that have literature prizes/awards attached to their titles. I do like to read novels that require some thinking, as do most readers, but I’m very satisfied with simple writing and ideas.
  2. It’s no surprise that I’m “Peaceful” rather than violent. I’m not a confrontational person. So, I guess, I do have that “passive” problem, where I’ll do a lot in order to avoid conflict. But, I also take a stand if there is true injustice! So, I like to believe I’ll be confrontational if it matters…
  3. As for being experimental – that I am! I love reading works that push the limits of ideas, I love creativity, and trying new works, which is partly why I crave fantasy so very much!
  4. Finally, yes, I’m a romantic. I like to be optimistic about things, despite my large penchant for whining. I like to give things a second chance, especially when it comes to books. Writers put so much time and effort into creating the story, no matter what, that’s HUGE props to them!

So now I’ll turn back to my very engrossing book so that I can finish it soon and post a review about it!



  1. How do you get so much time to read so much? Still it’s good that you do otherwise we wouldn’t have your blog to read. Great site. Alistair
    PS. Thanks for comment

  2. Boyofbow – Thanks! If I didn’t give myself some time to read everyday, I’d feel as if something was missing. Reading just helps me to relax!

    Ana O. – It’s going well so far! I’m only about 1/5th of the way through. It’s like the reviews say on the back, “swashbuckling…rollicking..stylish”.

    Nymeth – I got Philip Pullman as my second. She’s definitely an author I’ve heard others speak of (because of her children’s books), but I’ve never read yet.

  3. I took the quiz and got Ursula K Le Guin. I didn’t bother to read all the high brow/low brow stuff though…

  4. Allegra – Yeah, I don’t know about the high-brow comment. But one good thing about the quiz is I do want to read about ‘my author’ too now!

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