Random Reading Challenge and the Everything Austen Challenge

Joining another challenge… but this one’s reader friendly! In fact, very helpful for those of us who’ve got huge tbr piles. It’s the “Random Reading Challenge” hosted by Caribousmom:

And, to update on the “Everything Austen Challenge” … I’m still stuck on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-smith. Really really stuck on it.  I haven’t even got to the good romantic bits yet. I thought this novel would be much more entertaining but… seriously, the zombies don’t embellish the story very much at all. The usual Jane Austen P&P plot flows along, and then, suddenly, a few zombies grunt and shriek and someone with ninja training has to combat them. So far, this is all I’ve gotten out of the book.  Also, I’ve been reading this book as I commute to work and school, so, being one with a weak disposition, I don’t think reading the descriptions of the unmentionables was a very good idea. Anyway, I won’t give up on it yet… I WILL FINISH it, if only for the sake of the “Everything Austen Challenge”…



  1. I hate it when I’m all excited about a book and then I just can’t get through it! I know how you feel…

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