The Blessed Stabbing of Edward Cullen

I was browsing through some of the bloggers on my reading list and I found this from Bookshelves of Doom. It gave me a giggly satisfaction to see the slaying of Pasty Edward.  By Buffy no less.  The scenes were perfect! Absolutely perfect! The video creator is a genius! (And also a major Buffy Fan.)

And somehow they incorporated snipets from the Harry Potter soundtrack? Incredible. Simply Incredible. My favorite scene was when Edward told Buffy he was “On a Special Diet” and Buffy shoots him down with, “What are you doing? Here, at this table, talking to me. Like were some kind of talking buddies?” (there’s a grammar issue here that’s bugging me). Then Edward proceeds to attempt to entrance her with his ‘protectiveness’ and his “googly eyes”. In the creepy way. And he is shot down. Yes Buffy! You tell him.  I think in almost all the scenes, he looks like he needs to hop into the jiffy john or maybe belch from some undigested animal blood roiling in his stomach. Or perhaps its his emotions flaring out for this love for Bella and his hunger to make her into another pasty faced one. Nah….



  1. I love this! With sensible Buffy delivering half the lines instead of stammering Bella, it makes Edward’s obvious creepiness even creepier. I was pleased when she staked him at the end. That’s exactly what should happen.

  2. sdechantal – It must’ve taken loads of time for them to put that together. I wish I could do it too, but I wouldn’t have the skill haha

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