Stuff to do do do…

Jane-Austen-books-jane-austen-952956_1024_768doo doo daa dum…something must be done…what was it? something.. something…click click?

Do you ever have days where you have too much time on your hands? Or perhaps you are so absolutely swaddled in busyness that you end up doing nothing? I think I’ve double-clicked everyone on my list twice per day this week. And I have things to do. But I think I have the computer syndrome now, in which, if the computer’s open, your fingers are constantly rolling the mouse or typing random blather.  I think I’ve had too much computer. I feel half computer. At work, I sit behind a computer and squint at an excel spreadsheet and literally find myself reading 1’s and 0’s. I read them very well too.


So I manage to repress some “must do something” stress and now I feel comfortably bored. I browsed around some more, and I found more bloggers to put on my internet reading list. And some of them have some challenges that seem d0-able. Like at The Written Word. There’s an “Everything Austen” Challenge. I’m feeling all tingly from the idea of re-watching and re-reading some of my favorite Jane Austens. I think I’ll start by watching ’em since I’ve got too much on my hands to read right now.

Should I start with watching Emma? Or perhaps P&P? I did very much enjoy “Becoming Jane” too. All that nice piano music.  And the wonderful vunderful BBC. Thank goodness it’s still pumping out all the classics onto screen.  I never get tired of them. Just this year I saw the newest version of Northanger Abbey which I adored. I sort of tweaked my answers so that I would get Catherine Moorland on the “which Jane Austen heroine are you?” quiz. But not too much. I’ve never actually read the book myself, but I liked the mock-gothicness of the story.

Yes, I believe I shall undertake this challenge, before I lose the power of reading non-numericals.

And I think I’ll go outside too. Hopefully I won’t fizzle into a pile of dust.



  1. I loooved that new version of Northanger Abbey! I thought Felicity Jones, who played Catherine, was so adorable; and the girl from that terrifying angels episode of Dr. Who was fantastic as Isabella. Read the book if you get a chance! It’s charming.

  2. Stephanie: I’m getting excited to start (its my first reading challenge)! Thanks for hosting it!

    Jenny: I actually found that I do own the novel! Shameless me…I have a “Selected Works of Jane Austen” in which I read P&P and Emma and Persuasion but for some reason never got around to reading the last one…Northanger Abbey. That episode of Dr.Who was my favorite! It’s so eerie and a little comical (the scene when they are harassing Dr.Who who’s in the tardis. But from the outside its basically a bunch of strangely frozen statues pushing a phone booth around). I like how the timelines get all messed up because of the angels. You really get the “aha!” moment at the end when all is revealed.

    Ana:Yes! Do it with me! It’s one of my first Reading Challenges. It’s exciting how quickly the list of bloggers wanting to join is growing!

  3. 😆 I love the picture of the little half-computer guy! I sometimes feel like I’m somehow connected to the computer~I spend so much time on it that it really wouldn’t surprise me if I woke up one day and discovered by head and turned into a computer moniter and my hands were computer mice! Click click…tappity tap tap…

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