Missing: Runaway Children’s Book. Last seen on my shelf.

2386025Have any of you ever read La Corona and the Tin Frog by Russell Hoban, illustrated by Nicola Bayley? Well, when I was younger, I remember not knowing what to think about the stories in there. They weren’t your traditional stories but I must have felt the age-old fairy tale calling out from some of them. Anyway, the stories have always floated about in my mind, resurfacing occasionally. Since I’ve recently cleaned up my room…. I can’t find the book! I’m heartbroken. I hope I hadn’t inadvertently given it away because I wanted to re-read some of those strange stories. Anyway, I thought I’d post some wonderful illustrations by Nicola Bayley to color up this blog:

As I was putting this little collection together I kept leaving the desk to try to look for the battered old book. I remember the images being so magical and close to home. The story was great. Russell Hoban gave the little household trinkets and items stories of suffering and adventure and romance.  Now if I can only just find it….where do books like to hide? I swear the runaway clock arms must have coerced it to leave my window on an adventure.

UPDATE: I found the lost book tucked inside my story-workshop book shelf. Understandably the messiest area of my room. It was under several piles of magazines with glossy pictures of Thai jewelry. My heart is at rest. Okay, well, now that I have the book, my favorite story has to be “The Tin Horseman” of which the illustration of the little box where you have to roll the silver balls into the monkey’s eyes is from.


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  1. thank you for your comment. you also have nice pics here. long live fantasy & fairy-tale!

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