Book Buying Binge Day… and a beach read.

Photo taken by Kyle Pearce

So this week I’ve been busy with summer courses, taking some terrible second year math courses that I’ve put off for far too long. Math and I have never gotten along, a relationship I’ve always tried to make work, but always end up being utterly broken in spirit and deeply disappointed at life. And the class is full of know-it-alls who mumble during class about how eaaasy everything is, and scoff at questions others timidly ask. Okay, so I’m oozing with jealousy over how well they thrive in the math atmosphere, I totally admit it. *Sigh sigh sighhhh* Anyway, to try to help me through these tough times, I’ve gone on a library raid to buy used books and to borrow ’em.

I bought $3.75 worth of discarded library books:

1. Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery, the only one I don’t have in the Emily series. It was still in great condition, the library stickers peeled off without leaving the stickiness and the library stamp was very faded, so all in all quite a nice find!

2. The Wreckers by Iain Lawrence. I think I’ve read this before when I was younger and I quite enjoyed it. Looking forward to re-reading it!

3. The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. I read The Queen’s Fool a long time ago, and I thought it was okay. Anyway, I’ve got it in hard cover, and it looks like new because it originally had all the library barcode stickers on this protective plastic. Once I snipped the plastic off ~ voila! A new-ish hardcover book!

4. A Handful of Stars by Janet MacLoed Trotter. Never read any of her books, but it sounds intriguing, and I’m always up for some good historical fiction.

5 . Looking at the Moon by Kit Pearson. In my time, there was a huge huge obsession about Kit Pearson (along with an equally huge obsession about Ella Enchanted), everyone read them! I remember starting on Awake and Dreaming, then reading A Handful of Time, then The Sky is Falling, then The Lights go on Again… haha. I love her novels. Especially A Handful of Time. Has anyone else read them? The one I have is still a little sticky from the old library stickers.

6. The Will of the Empress by Tamora Pierce. I’ve only ever read Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce and I thought it was okay. I heard so much about this particular ’empress’ series so I thought I’d give it a try.

And I borrowed a few as well.

So far I’ve read Evermore by Alyson Noel. I picked this one because at the moment I’ve been thinking a lot about mediums and people who have abilities to communicate with spirits and have visions about the lives of other people through their touch or proximity with them. I’ve always believed that some of us have that special openness of the mind to be able to see the parallel dimension where the energy waves of ghosts could inhabit. Of course, there are many tv programs airing starring such people, and I’m always filled with such skepticism. Especially those “Ghost Hunter” shows, or those Sylvia Browne-Montel shows. Guilty Admission: I still, always, end up watching them (the ones where the detectives resort to the help of psychics to help them solve a case are soooo interesting!). Anyway, that’s why when I saw this book, I was thinking, “Hey! I’ve never read a book about a medium before. This could be interesting…”

When I flipped through the first chapters of the novel (it reads very fast), I felt I was reliving my experiences with Twilight.  Just the same type of dark mysterious doode who appears in a lonely girl’s life, filling her life with warmth, happiness…tulips. A guy who is frustratingly mysterious about himself, seems to be super-human in terms of intelligence, strength and beauty. Someone who watches over her… apprently has been, through eternity.  I think Alyson Noel might have been playing with the Twilight hype, but purposely setting up the novel to sound as if it might be a mere vampire-human girl romance, so that the climax of the story would be so much more the shocker ending. But I was on to it! Haha. Anyway, the romance was very, well, romantic. After all, it’s apparently been repeating through several life cycles. This totally reminds me of old chinese romances (the ones involving a heavenly deity and some mortal).

However, I wish she’d write more about Ever, the protoganist, and her ability to see other’s auras and why that was to be. Because Ever survived a car accident that killed her entire family but her, and when she survived, she was left with these psychic abilities. In the story, Noel suggests that Ever has met with other ghosts as well, but there isn’t much talk about if Ever really helped these spirits. The only spirit she does commune with is that of her younger sister, but that even seemed sort of thrown into the plot. The huge climatic ending itself was a tad bit disappointing.In fact, the whole novel is just about her trying to lose her abilities and refusing help from a fellow pyschic who could help her control her abilities. Maybe Alyson Noel was holding out until the next book? I hate it when they do that! That’s why I’m not into series…

All in all its basically just a romance story and with a subtheme about overcoming loss.

So, has anyone else read this? And do you think the red drink purposely described to sound like blood is some sort of ambrosia? I don’t remember if it was ever explained in the story. I think I might have read through it too fast near the end. Anyway this book wasn’t really for me. A smokin’ hot guy like Damen seems too good, too perfect… to be interesting. I did get the ocasional shivers about the eternal love thing, though. I’m still susceptible to sappiness like that, but I’ll only admit it on this anonymous online blog. =P.

Rating: 2/5 Hauntings



  1. You’ve read Twilight? I was thinking about reading it, but I changed my mind…Would you suggest it? I was thinking about picking up a copy this summer. Anyway, the cheap books you picked up sound like good finds. My local library hardly ever has a discarded book sale like that, but I love it when they do!

  2. jennysbooks: I love the Emily trilogy… I think even more then Anne ones!

    Allegra: I have read Twilight. It’s an okay summer read, but, I don’t know if it’s my inner resistance against the band-wagonage around this book, but I wasn’t all that thrilled with it. I totally love discarded book sales, you always find things that you thought were out of print or long lost book buddies in those bins.

    Ana O.: Your new blog is looking good! I’ve updated the link on my website!

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