Stumbling into the realm of Vladimir Kush…

“Departure of the Winged Ship” by Vladimir Kush

Yay! I love surreal artists! These particular pieces are by Vladimir Kush, a Russian painter and sculptor that I sort of came across in my aimless googling. I love his work – the colors are so vivid, the possibilities of imagination are stretched in so many fantastical ways!

This painting is very mythical. It makes me want to pull out my paintbrushes and try my hand at looking at the world’s landscapes with a different eye.

"Anticipation of Night's Shelter" by Vladimir Kush
“Anticipation of Night’s Shelter” by Vladimir Kush
"Sacred Bird Of Yucatan" by Vladimir Kush
“Sacred Bird Of Yucatan” by Vladimir Kush

I love the metallic colors used in this painting. There’s so much detail in this one, for example, the people in each of the peacock’s feathers are different! I wonder if the symbols in some of the inner feathers are representative of anything?

“Eye of the Needle” by Vladimir Kush

I like the use of amber yellows and browns. It’s cool how the train of camels is the thread, and how the setting sun has a thread-like texture!

“Moonlight Sonata” by Vladimir Kush
“Rose Awaiting” by Vladimir Kush

Many of his paintings have flower and insect themes in them, a theme I love to incorporate into my paintings. Especially insects.  I like how the audience members of the above painting are wrapped up in cocoons, waiting for the music of the piano to release the butterflies inside of them! The woman waiting under the rose hat seems to be wasting away. It reminds me of a children’s story I once read called La Corona and the Tin Frog by Russell Hoban.

Music of the Woods by Vladimir Kush
“Music of the Woods” by Vladimir Kush

“Music of the Woods” is a nice one too, in terms of texture. The stump gleams like a record disk and the bulb gives this secret grove a magical light.

Here are more paintings that I enjoyed staring at:

“Ocean Sprouts” by Vladimir Kush
“Pearl” by Vladimir Kush
Walnut of Eden by Vladimir Kush
What the Fish was Silent About by Vladimir Kush
“What the Fish was Silent About” by Vladimir Kush

I love this one! It’s one of my favorites out of his paintings. I love how the texture makes this image seem so real, yet it is a manifestation of imagination. The watery light glinting off the fish’s scales makes me want to reach into the painting and stroke it! I love the title too! What was the fish silent about, anyway?

For more of his art, click here or here! I’m still browsing all of his work ~ which one is your favorite?

“Treasure Island” by Vladimir Kush
“Love Confession” by Vladimir Kush
"One flew over the Wasp's Nest" by Vladimir Kush
“One flew over the Wasp’s Nest” by Vladimir Kush

I love the titles he gives his work too! They’re such thought provokers and conversation starters!



  1. Love these! I also really like surrealist artists, and I’ve never seen this one before. I like “Eye of the Needle” so much.

  2. Wow—These are amazing! I especially like “What The Fish Was Silent About”. It looks so real, and if you look closely the fishes scales are kind of like gold coins. Thanks for posting!

  3. I love Ocean Sprout. I am a horticulturalist and this painting has some meaning. I have never seen this artist, but will continue to look for Him. Thanks for leading me here.

  4. I love these pieces. Kush uses a lot of religious imagery in his work, particularly “The Eye of the Needle” and “What was the fish silent about?” Both references are from the gospel of Matthew, I think the 20th chapter. Jesus was teaching that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. The Eye of the Needle was a gate leading into Jerusalem that was used at night. It was actually a small door in the larger gate and was used for security. The only way a man with a loaded camel to enter was to unload the camel and have the camel enter on bended knees. His point was not that it was impossible for a man with great wealth to enter the Kingdom, but rather than the love for wealth would need to be discarded and the man should enter before the throne humbly.
    Regarding the fish, Jesus was being questioned by the Pharisees about taxes, and he sent one of His disciples to go get a fish and reach into its mouth where he would find the money needed for the taxes.

    Blessings, Carol

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