A unique yet simple love story

Jim Carey and Kate Winslet
Jim Carey and Kate Winslet (taken from Anele Nasus)

Just finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Wow. It’s a romance comedy, but a completely different kind of romance comedy. I liked it. I think it might be one of my top ten favorite movies now. It’s sad, funny, nostalgic. The whole texture of the movie is unique. I mean, where else do we see someone running around through their memories, looking for an obscure corner to hide their most treasured memory from being obliterated? Apart from being a romance, the movie is part adventure, thriller and fantasy, but all in a subtle, low-key way. For more of a synopsis, click here (le petit garcon’s website).

I’ve never been a huge fan of Jim Carey. When I was little, I loved him because he was so crazy (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective anyone?). The crazy act sort of lost its appeal to me as I grew older. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind however, I thought he was great! He was absolutely perfect for the role. He was real and serious in some scenes, and completely crazy and hilarious in others (when he went back to an old memory from childhood… that scene cracked me up). Kate Winslet was great too. She and Jim Carey had great on-screen chemistry. The whole movie just felt really real and personal, yet it was at the same time farfetched and hilarious. It’s a simple story at heart and dives deep into the pain and happiness of love.

On a side note: Why does Elijah Wood always creep me out now? Especially in this movie. What a creeper.



  1. I absolutely love this film. My friend made me watch it, and I hate Jim Carrey, and at that time I’d only ever seen Kate Winslet in Titanic so I didn’t like her either. I was expecting to hate it and both of them, but instead I was blown away. Such a good film.

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