Illustrations by T. Koni

I found another artist while just browsing the web: T. Koni, an illustrator from Osaka, Japan, who started illustrating in 1997. That’s actually about all I know about this artist. As usual, I will populate this page with colorful samples of the work that I like.

I mostly like them because of the use of soft, pencil crayon colors. Reminds me of childhood! And the themes are kind of strange and surreal, as if you were walking around in a child’s blurry, half-awake daydream.

Town of Swinging by T. Koni
"Town of Swinging" by T. Koni

I like how the buildings are all skewed and slanted. Still trying to figure out if those grey orbs are bubbles or snowflakes?

Memory of Ammonite by T. Koni
"Memory of Ammonite" by T. Koni

I really like this painting, with the mellow golden yellow theme color. I like the ammonite girl. The painting gives me that nostalgic feeling. I guess that girl is technically extinct haha.

Town of Plant by T. Koni
"Town of Plant" by T. Koni

I also liked this painting because it’s kind of random. Leaf buses blowing past you, while you stand, tippy-toe on a leaf roof… fun to stare at!

Mermaid in Bottle by T. Koni
"Mermaid in Bottle" by T. Koni

This one was my favorite, though it is cruel to put a mermaid in a bottle. I just like all the colors. What is actually going on in this drawing? The mermaid is in a bottle that seems to be discarded in a rubbish pile somehwere. Kind of like a secret treasure buried under junk? Whatever it is, I like it!

Cyborg Geisha by T. Koni
"Cyborg Geisha" by T. Koni

This one was a little unsettling…maybe because the cyborg doesn’t have any pupils. that’s always disturbed me.

I love these illustrations. They really make me want to pull out my pencil crayons! Sometimes when I go to the bookstore, I like to flip through the children’s book section just to admire the wonderful art! I’ve been guilty of buying some children’s books under the pretense of getting it for my little sister, when I secretly just loved the illustrations so much I had to have it!

Below are smaller ones I got from They wouldn’t let me get bigger versions. Pooh.

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Photography Prints

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