Please write at least seven books for the Sevenwaters series Juliet Marillier!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (almost forgot it but luckily I went on Google :P) My, does he look like a friendly old leprechaun dressed all snug in that knitted tuque and sweater! Don’t look away (from my blog) if you want that gold….

Haha sorry for the above lameness.  Anyway, I just finished reading Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier, the latest addition to the Sevenwaters series. Thought it was pretty good ~ that is, I got all that I wanted: romance, adventure, fantasy, folk tale. The writing was, as usual, stellar!! The characters interacted wonderfully. The only thing is, I didn’t like this one as much as Child of the Prophecy. But, that book was a GREAT book, and I love Juliet Marillier just the same.

Alot of my fellow bloggers have already talked about this book in detail (i.e. Book Daze).


iHeir to Sevenwaters/i by Juliet Marillier

The dynamic between Cathal and Aidan with Clodagh sort of reminded me of Pride and Prejudice (Cathal being  Mr.Darcy and Aidan being the Mr.Wickham except with reverse situations).  And then Aidan dies. That was shocking! It makes me wonder – what if he hadn’t died? It was hinted that Aidan was a jealous guy – wouldn’t it have been interesting if Clodagh and Cathal came back and Aidan saw them? Would Aidan be able to overcome his jealousy and just be friends, or would it end up like Son of the Shadows where Eamonn gets consumed by jealousy and can’t get over it?

Also, the part when Clodagh goes back to the camp to save Cathal went by quicker then I expected. I sort of hoped that Cathal had truly forgotten her, and that she would have to work really hard to get him to remember (just like in Child of the Prophecy, even though, I guess, that situation – Fainne and Darragh’s love – was different). As it is though, the story still went fantastically.

Now I will gush more about how well Juliet Marillier writes. I love it! Just how she melds all the elements together in such a natural way that creates an aura full of mystery and magic, ancient, strangely simple and indifferent to the goings on of people in the mortal world.  That’s my attempt to describe her distinct style of story-telling. A tale that is set on a large scale and is yet simple and effective, rooted in the human heart. Traditional yet unique. Love it!

So many of my favorite authors are Australian writers. Check out Garth Nix’s work (The Old Kingdom series) – another great Aussie!

Also, check our Juliet Marillier’s website. I browsed around there and found she had put up some photos since last time I checked. Did you see those gnarly trees with the thick trunks and the meshed roots? Aren’t they awesome? No wonder she gets inspired!

Whew. Now I’ve got to start cracking those textbooks. How dry compared to this wonderful tale. If only there was a way I can imagine these rotating molecules to take on interesting personalities. I suppose if I’m crazy enough, I just might be able to…

Rating: 4.5/5 Ancient Beings to commune with



  1. You might be my counter part. I love Michael Parks and Juliet Marillier. Anyhow, I didn’t read the whole post because I haven’t read Heir to Sevenwaters yet. I bought it, but I’m finishing up the Bredei Chronicles at the moment.

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