The Thief with no shadow was no good either

I just finished reading Thief with no shadow by Emily Gee. Found the novel to be very tedious to get through. The first half of the novel was just about Bastian, one of the main characters, and his anger and revenge and his need to beat someone to pulp or blame someone for everything. I understand, this is a normal human reaction. I get it, his family died because of the psaaron’s tears and now this wraith has stolen them. She’s no one. She’s not human. She’s a thief. Worse then a murderer. Worse then one of those magical creatures themselves. Spit on her. Wring her neck. I GET IT ALREADY! Please, move on. Then, there’s Melke, the heroine of the story. She refuses to let others see her fear. She stands up straight. Lifts her chin. Stares you boldly in the eye. Her voice is calm (seriously, the descriptions of her are basically a constant repetition of the above). Looks cold and impenetrable, but really, she’s hurting and scared inside. All that’s fine and dandy… for a few chapters. But, not for the entire story. The character movement, when it did happen, happened briefly and unsatisfyingly. The only character I tolerated was the dog Endal. But the author used him too much as a sort of gimmick to reveal what the characters were really thinking to each other without having to go through the leap of faith. As a result, the romance was pretty flimsy as well.

Big Sigh* And the plot itself was very twisted and sort of masochistic. I mean, the lives of the magical creatures revolved around how they could use the humans for sex. Seriously. That’s about it. The humans feared these creatures because they were afraid of being raped brutally. The whole plot is centered around avoidance and breaking of the curse of the psaaron, who threatens to rape whoever is next in line in the cursed family tree if his precious teardrop jewels are not returned. Aside from the amount of people who voluntarily gave themselves up to be raped by these creatues in order to save someone they loved, there were also many characters who ended up being pooped upon and degraded by these very creatures.

You know, I kept reading it, so there was something appealing about the novel. But, all the while, I was thinking about how soon I could go back to the bookstore and get a refund….

AND click here for Mad Scientist’s opinion about the book (enjoyable!)

Rating: 1/5 Jewels not returned



  1. Shame – it’s an excellent title. I’m rubbish at thinking of titles for my stories, so I’m extra extra drawn to books with good titles. I hate it when they let me down.

  2. I remember flipping through this at the bookstore because I liked the cover (and agree, good title) – but didn’t buy it in the end. Maybe a library book for me (after all, you kept reading!).


  3. jennysbooks: Yeah, *sheepishly* the title was part of the reason why I bought the book. I broke the age-old rule and bought a book because it’s title sounded interesting and the cover looked alright.

    Li: The Library’s where all the guiltless reading takes place. If you didn’t like it, no problem, just return it. I love the library! You can give in and borrow a book just because it’s there and the cover looks awesome and not end up being penalized for it haha

  4. It’s interesting that you didn’t like Thief With No Shadow because I really enjoyed it and found it hard to put down. Check out my review for another opinion.
    I agree that the library is wonderful – not just because you can try new authors, but also because if I brought every single book I want to read, I’d have no money and no room in my house!
    Good to find someone else who likes chemistry!

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