The Disturbing – Fantastic – Creative Neil Gaiman!

Okay, since I seem to be writting an entry after every book I read, I thought I’d just post that I read M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman and found it fantastic and odd. Would someone like to share insight on the “Troll Bridge” story? I read this collection of short stories over the span of a week, and the one of the stories that stood out to me was “The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds” which tickled me to death.  I have to admit, that I actually had google open so that if I didn’t recognize a nursery rhyme I could look it up with key words.  Some of those rhymes I’d never even heard of, but others were obvious – I won’t give them away, but it was hilarious.  It makes my fingers itch to put a totally different genre on something a simple and innocent as a children’s nursery rhyme. The other one was the “Troll Bridge” story, which, after I read it, I thought about it alot. And I was not necessarily thinking thinking about it… not with a capital T or anything. It’s just the story had an aura about it, that was such that I couldn’t read the next story until the next day because I wanted to linger on that one. Is it about the darker side of growing-up as someone put it? And the picture (there was an illustration, I LOVE illustrations in books, I might as well read picture books sometimes) of the troll, and it looked kind of pathetic and lonely. So, if anyone has anything to say about this story, that would be very interesting!

Rating: 4/5 Pieces of food for your thoughts to chew on!


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