Dream Art

I have to admit, sometimes I do judge a book by it’s cover. In the case of books by Juliet Marillier and Patricia A. Mckillip anyway. I commend their agents or whoever it was who picked the cover of these books – absolutely gorgeous art! That was how I discovered Kinuko Y. Craft and Josephine Wall – two of my favorite fantasy artists right now. I love how the paintings meld together with detail but still dream-like and flowing. They’re so magical and mysterious and colourful and just plain wonderful! They do folklore themes, fairytale themes, faerie themes, mythological themes, all those themes that I love reading about.  It must take them hours and hours to complete one! I read on someone’s blog that he had Kinuko Y. Craft paint a likeliness of his daughter as a faerie. I’m so jealous!! I really really really want a poster of each of them right now, but I can’t find them. I might have to order online or at ebay or something. My favorite Kinuko Y. Craft painting is the one for the cover of Juliet Marillier’s Wildwood Dancing . I love how you can tell that Kinuko Y. Craft must have read the book or consulted with the author because the painting contains all the little details that you recognize from the story. For Josephine Wall, I love her painting “The Spirit of Flight” .

by Josephine Wall
“The Spirit of Flight” by Josephine Wall

Sometimes book covers images have nothing to do with the actual story and you’re left to wonder why in the world they used that image in the first place? Ohhhh one thing that gets to me is when a movie comes out based on the book, and then, lo and behold, they start selling the books with the movie cover on it. Sometimes i can’t even find the original cover anymore. bleh.

Cover art that Kinuko Y. Craft did for Juliet Marillier's Book Cybele's Secret
Cover art that Kinuko Y. Craft did for Juliet Marillier’s Book Cybele’s Secret


  1. Jenny – Wow!! Thanks for that comment! And, I wrote out a long comment a moment ago, but then I accidentally clicked something and it’s all gone, now. =( Well, anyway, the gist of it is that I like what you said, especially that “seeing life in extremes in books and films can say a lot to us about those same issues in our own, more moderate lives”. This is a positive statement about humanity! That we explore our own “moral fuzziness” via darker stories, for example. Maybe it’s the news, though, but I feel like there are people whose boundaries between what they read/watch are fuzzy, themselves. Of course, everything that we read/watch becomes incorporated into our subconscious and character to different degrees depending on the person. I was recently disgusted to hear about this crazy guy who wanted to make his crime drama more realistic so decided to go out and do the real thing (I can’t remember where I watched this). But, anyway, the media only ever reports those crazy psychos on the fringe and hardly ever us moderately living majority.
    And, also, I was probably in a grumpy-ish mood when I wrote that post (I just re-read it and I feel it’s kind of snarky for me). Anyway, answering my own question in terms of my own experiences, I feel like even dystopias are just too perfectly dystopic. I guess what I’m getting at is, I feel like I’m starting to see formulaic plots?
    I think I’m just really tired of dystopias and I need to move into a rosier world for a while (I’ll likely get sick of that after a while and move back to dystopias). I still think we are a cynical lot, sometimes, and I get tired of that Voice and I just want to be gullible and simple for a while. =P
    Allegra – Aw, thanks for the award! And, yes, these literary predictions definitely make us think a little more about what we are doing now, what we let people in power get away with. I guess it’s too late to re-post award?
    Nishita – It feels that way, sometimes, doesn’t it? But, I think, we can change our perception of the world instead of letting the world change or darken our perceptions and depress us.
    Rizza – I love Josephine Wall, she’s so detailed and imaginative. Every painting tells a story! Thanks for dropping by =)

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