no more batman please

55464740R.I.P. Heath Ledger. But I really didn’t like the newest Batman. It was too dark. I watched it once, and fell asleep. I tried watching it again, and I fell asleep again, even with my enthusiastic friends staring at it. Dark characters, dark screen, dark plot, dark everything…. so dark that it just became dull. The joker was too evil, and psychotic. Much smarter then batman (he didn’t need gadgets to get his deeds done). Two-face-Arthur Dent was also annoying. With his stupid coin and his need to blame someone for what happened to Rachel. He was just such a disillusioned 3D character. You know, I normally don`t mind epic films. I like LOTR, and that`s real epic. But this movie just rankled me. I know there`s a fine line between good and bad and yadda yadda yadda but, as I was attempting to watch this film, I just realized that, though I always thought that intriguing before, this movie just made me wish there were strictly good guys and strictly bad guys. With the good guys only having smaller foibles…. I don`t know if this is just a whim of mine to dislike this movie, but i really needed to rant it out. So there. I don`t think I will be watching the next one, especially if it is just as dark as this one. TOO great of a character study… urgh erugh


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