Trying to write on the spur of the moment…

e546b5584Here’s a poem I wrote on the spur of the moment. Just so I had something else to post. Oh dear, the time-wastage is starting…

Kite Dreams

Dear Paper Kite, flapping in the sky,

With wings unfurling in the wind,

Who swoops and dives with endless glee,

In my mind’s eye,

I am with you, free.

The wind, it would deftly catch my soul,

And land me upon a downy cloud,

In a sky of the brightest, azure blue,

how I would love,

To be there with you.

Oh carefree Kite,

You are a scene of the brightest colors,

Like a phoenix tail that outshines all others,

Will you lift me on your back?

When the days down here are gloomy and black?

Dear Kite, that flies up so high,

I wish I were up there with you,

If a summer breeze were to carry by,

A song of harmony and peace,

All my heart’s troubles would someday cease.

©by Sharry


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